And God Said, Let there be light; and there was light
About Us: Rainbow Ministries was started on 11-1-11, eleventh day of January 2011 when the ALMIGHTY spoke to me that morning and told me to start it immediately and HE gave me the verse from GENESIS 1:3 And God Said, Let there be light; and there was light. I immediately started its work and appointed Brother Selvin who was known to me for years to start the proceedings. He gracefully accepted and we had the venue at Level 1 of Rainbow Eye Hospital, Avadi. We had Sunday afternoon gathering regularly with songs prayer and worship. Soon due to lack of space we moved in 2013 to our current premises which is above the famous electronics outlet of Avadi by name SIGNET. Its owner Brother Francis and Sister Rani Francis gracefully accepted us and till date are of full support to the ministry. Later due to the overseas commitments of Brother Selvin the ministry was taken over by Brother Ebenezer. But he could not run the show full time because of his personal ministry work and so the Rainbow Ministries was handed over to Pastor JDS.David and Sister Jasmine David who till date are running a GODLY show and spreading the words of Jesus Christ. After the ministry was taken over by Pastor.David, the ministry became very professional and by GODS GRACE its running very efficiently now. Last but not the least I must add this as two people were very much instrumental in supporting me to keep the ministry LIVE, first is my mother Late Mrs Vijaya Vivekanandaraj and my Pastor. Paul Abraham (Shalom Revival Prayer Ministries, Pollachi) I would also like to mention that we come from Hindu background family and our inspiration to take up Christianity and its principles was instigated by my cousin brother Bro.Mohan C. Lazarus (Jesus Redeems Ministry, Nalumavadi, Trinelveli Dist) PRAISE THE ALMIGHTY Dr.Thanga Babu Vivekanandaraj MD (Eye)

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